Left & Right

I've always been big into intracacies and detail in my designs. but this was a situation where less truly meant more! This colourful little piece will be available as a print in my shop this December.

I'm fueled by a few things: pretty inspiration, getting to illustrate in the tradtional sense, and coffee. I wanted an excuse to use a softer red + a gold foil without giving it a "Christmas effect", and this project lent itself perfectly to that. This piece will be available in my shop by December.

Left & Right

A collaboration between Nursing Graduate Megan Mahoney and myself. This video went on to be the first place winner of the 2016 SIM Conference in Toronto, On.


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i = 0;

while (!deck.isInOrder()) {
    print 'Iteration ' + i;

print 'It took ' + i + ' iterations to sort the deck.';