Branding Projects

A portfolio of the various branding endeavors I've taken on. All are unique in execution, but focus on the personalized look I try to put into every project I do. Your brand should be one-of-a-kind; stand out amongst the others. That's what I'm here to do.


Illustration is the reason I went into graphic design. I get my main inspiration from old story book illustrations, and typically love to contrast my structured pen-and-ink drawings with vibrant colour. I'm always working on something new

Website Design.

I recently had the honour of redesigning the website for Trentmendous, an amazing hidden gem of a store, located in Warkworth, ON. Their focus is unique ladies apparel and accessories.

Cosmic Coffee Company.

For this project, we had to create an extensive research report for the company we wanted to do. Then we created a professional logo for that company. After we fine-tuned the logo, that’s when the fun really began. The next step was to implement the logo across several different creative materials. As mine is for a coffee company, I decided to create a variety of packaging and applied the Cosmic Coffee Co. brand to it.

Wedding invites & "Save The Date"

These unique, personalized invitations will at that extra flair to your special day! Whether it's a specific theme, feel, colour palette or vintage look, I've got you covered.

Digital work

Digital illustrations/digital & traditional mix, motion graphics, and more.